What is LitNotice?

If you’re like most creative people, organization may not be your strongpoint. Do you find yourself sending out your work for publication or prizes irregularly or haphazardly? Do you often make a mental note to send your work to a literary venue, contest, or book award, only to forget about it until the deadline has passed? We’ve been there. And that’s why we’ve created LitNotice!

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Designed by writers for writers.

LitNotice will maintain a continuously updated database of thousands of submission opportunities for creative writers and allow you to set up highly customized alerts that will remind you when relevant submission periods open and when they’re about to close—whether it’s an open reading period at a literary magazine or book publisher, a literary contest, a post-publication book award, or a grant, fellowship, residency, or scholarship.

While there are numerous online venues that maintain a database of creative writing submission opportunities, it takes a lot of time and energy for writers to navigate these, and they’re left to create their own submission schedules—if they even go that far. LitNotice will take the burden of planning off of you!

Compared to existing submission reminder platforms, LitNotice will be far more customizable and user-friendly, and will maintain a much more comprehensive database.

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Weekly Alerts

LitNotice subscribers will automatically receive a weekly list of links to newly opened and soon-to-close submission periods by email, highly tailored to each subscriber’s personal specifications. Each item on the list will link to the relevant submission information, and you’ll be able to add any of the opportunities to the digital calendar of your choice. In addition, we’ll highlight opportunities that we think are the most exceptional and place those at the top of each list!

How extensive are the customization options?

  • Literary Magazines & other periodicals, Websites (non-literary magazine), Chapbook Publishers, Book Publishers, Broadside Publishers (& other limited edition art objects)
  • Post-publication Book Awards
  • Writing Residencies, Writing Conferences, Grants, Fellowships, Scholarships
  • Digital Publication, Print Publication
  • Paid, Unpaid
  • Free, Fee-based
  • Contest, Non-contest
  • Original Writing, Translation (into English)
  • Simultaneous Submissions, Exclusive Submissions
  • First Book, Second Book, Established Writer
  • Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Drama, Book Review or Literary Criticism, Hybrid, Comic/Graphic Novel, Visual
  • Poetry in Traditional Form, Haiku/Haibun
  • Humor, Speculative, Horror, Erotica
  • LGBTQ, BIPOC, Disabled/Differently Abled, Immigrant, Women/Femmes, Writers With Children, Age 50+, Youth, Religious, Spiritual (not religious only/open to religious and non-religious)
  • African American, Arab, Asian/Pacific Islander, Indigenous/Native American, Jewish, Latinx, Middle Eastern
  • Flash/Micro Fiction or Nonfiction, Long-form Fiction or Nonfiction (8k+ words), Novella, Story Collection, Novel, Memoir, Essay Collection